Work Groups

For efficiency purposes the main committee can propose the creation of work groups to deal with certain projects or issues. They will work under a moderator, who will time to time or when need be report to the main committee or the chairman.


1. The work group duty is to do research on different projects or ideas. They should also take into consideration the projects and ideas proposed by members.

2. The work groups will help the Sacco members to do a comparison of different projects and ideas.

3. Once the work groups has done research and comparison they should present the projects and ideas to the member. They should present the ideas and projects (including the advantages and the disadvantages)

4. Each member should analyze and evaluate the projects or the ideas within one week.

5. After analyzing and evaluating members should vote for the best project or idea.

6. The chosen work groups should implement the idea or project with the help of Kefra’s committee. (This includes the process of making the decision on how to implement the idea or project)

7. The chairman has a right to change the composition of the work groups

List of Work Teams

  1. Investment
  2. Communication
  3. Welfare